1940s Weaving Machine Gets a Glasgow Revamp!

This weaving machine is a William Ramsden – Dobby machine. It was made in the 1940s and its new owner Jonny MacKinnon hasn’t been able to reassemble it until now.  It has resided in his garage in bits.

Jonny has taken a space at Forrest Gate in Uddingston, near Glasgow. Working with EP Spaces in Scotland, he is studying for a degree in fashion at Glasgow University.  During lock down all workshops at the University were closed and he has had to rely on online learning, which is difficult with such a hands-on degree. He is delighted to have been offered this space as not only can he reassemble this lovely old machine and put it back into use, but he can also gather around him all the items he requires to work with for his fashion degree.

Jonny is planning to run weaving workshops once he has finished his degree, and the space at Forrest Gate gives him the ability to work with other weaving equipment and tutor those wishing to learn the art.

Picture Credit: Jonny MacKinnon

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