Ann McElhinney – The New ‘Artist in Residence’ at The Avenue

In the many temporary spaces that we have available, tenants come and make the most of their time there; whether it be creating stunning paintings and sculptures or building a foundation for their charity that gives back to the community.

Back in March of this year we shared an article about Alex Young, an incredibly talented photographer who took up temporary residence in Unit 25b The Avenue, in Newton Mearns. Since then, Alex has moved on and the residence is now occupied by another spectacular artist named Ann McElhinney.

In her own words, Ann’s had had a very varied work life with past occupations varying from a nurse, to importing carvings from Bali, and also a wedding planner (the latter two while living in Dubai). Her main focus though, has always been her family.

“My most important ‘job’ was bringing up my 3 children, Corinne, Nadine & Ronan.” she says. “My girls were born in Glasgow, Ronan in Sharjah.”

As she recounts the first time she tried painting, she says:

“Four years ago my girls set off to travel. I lay in bed the morning they were leaving, procrastinating about getting up because I knew when I went back to bed they would be gone. I scrolled though Facebook & came across an advert for ‘Den’s Art Class’. Oil painting was something I’d always wanted to do but had never plucked up the courage to try, so I thought, why not? This will be something to fill the void.”

Little did Ann know that this was the beginning of an amazing journey into art and painting, a talent she never knew she had.

She describes how since beginning to showcase the many paintings she created while perfecting her craft, scores of people have remarked on how diverse the subject matters are – from muticoloured lions to intimate family moments preserved on canvas.

Ann got the keys to the 25b, The Avenue in June 2022, and since then has been settling in to work on upcoming pieces that she can share with the world.

“I honestly think this is reflective of my years in the Middle East alongside my love of travel.”

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