Broadfold House – Aberdeen’s New Emerging Talent Hub

It’s no secret all the work that EP Spaces does to help artists find their perfect ‘meanwhile spaces’, and one gleaming example of this is Broadfold House in Aberdeen.

Originally an old office block, this enormous building had so much more potential if fell into the right hands, which luckily it did!

Located a sufficient distance away from residential properties, Broadfold House lent itself perfectly to being transformed into fantastic music studios for emerging bands to use for practice and recording. The previously uninspiring empty rooms have since been rejuvenated to create a fun and positive environment that aids creativity.

Currently, three bands are using Broadfold house as their musical base, and here’s what they each have to say about the place:

Radon Calling

The space is ideal for a group like ours who make some noise as its away from residential properties. Also, having the dedicated space allows us to make full use of our time as we can leave our equipment set up ready to play.  The rehearsal time this affords allows our live performances to be better.

Karelia's Discord

EP Spaces provides us a platform to pursue our musical art both visually and sonically – we are looking to expand this to get a global stream going as well as pre-recorded live events to branch out our networking capabilities. Without the space, we have nowhere to fall back on and heavily rely on the opportunity that was presented to us, which we make use of to the fullest extent. Our upcoming next release is entirely produced in-house and is in the final stages, reflecting the last couple of years and other abstract concepts.


I feel I answer this the same way every quarter, but having a space with EP to use during this hell of a year and a half has been incredibly beneficial to my mental well-being. I can’t begin to think how I would’ve managed to continue working during this pandemic if I didn’t have my own space to come to and work from, both for my band’s rehearsals and also the drumming classes I run online.

If you want to learn more about EP Spaces, why not check out their website here.

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