Cat McIntyre – “Wish You Were Here”

At Hammond Associates, we specialise in negotiating the best arrangements for both landlord and tenant in each property. We pride ourselves on our fantastic feedback and particularly love hearing from tenants after they’ve settled into their new temporary space.

We were over the moon to hear from Cat McIntyre recently, who is currently producing her art out of Currie House in Midlothian.

Before partnering with ourselves and friends Outer Spaces, Cat was working out of her flat which made large works almost impossible to create. We worked hard to provide Cat with the perfect temporary space where she can finally have the room to create all manner of works, big and small…and now she’s doing just that!

Cat got in touch to tell us all about how well she’s settled in and to share details of her art exhibition in Glasgow.

She says: “I’ve been so grateful for the studio space in the run up to this show. I really don’t know how I would have managed to make the work for this show had it not been for the space we were given at Currie House.”

Cat showcased her work ‘Wish You Were Here’ at the Alchemy Experiment exhibition in Glasgow; a piece featuring textile fabric of abstract shapes in bright and bold colours, engaging the imagination and evoking a sense of distraction from everyday life – a feeling Cat hopes people will resonate with.

“Recent world events have had a detrimental effect on anxiety and mental health. Creating a joyful environment in our own home is now more important than ever.”

If you’d like to see more of Cat’s beautiful work then why not check out her Instagram page here!

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