Charity Benefits

Hammond Associates can assist in your search to find affordable, flexible workspace. If your charity is involved in performing arts, visual contemporary, fine arts or community based then we are here to help you.

Hammond Associates can source and provide space for a range of uses, including pop up galleries, café, exhibition, rehearsal space, food bank and other work and storage space.

The only downside in this arrangement is it is only temporary.

Yes, it is completely legal and ethical.

Yes, we consulted the Charities Commission, HMRC and Customs and Excise when setting up the business.

There may be some charges, for the use of electricity.

Yes, but these are reimbursed by the Landlord.

Your agreement with the Landlord, states that the Landlord will be responsible for the rates.

If demanded, they are contractually obliged to pay a peppercorn rent (£1).
It is a legal term, used to describe a minimum rent, usually £1 per annum.

This is negotiable depending on the circumstances pertaining to the property.

In general, these remain with the landlord.
Until it is let or sold by the Landlord.
No, the charity will occupy it until the property is sold or let. We do not exploit the 43-day rule.
Any empty commercial property in a habitable state.
Any reasonable arts project covered by your Articles of Association.
Generally, it is a 30-day notice period, but this can be increased on our larger properties.
Yes, email us for contacts and references.