Charity space provider Hammond Associates in fund-raising spirits

Over the recent Bank Holiday, the team at Hammond Associates have been actively raising funds for national and local charities.

Some of team took part in the Big Night in, which raised a fantastic grand total of £70,653,920, whilst another member of the team was raising funds by running a Plant Sale stall outside their home for local charity Mothershare, a non-profit registered charity which provides mums, dads, carers and their children with the basic equipment and clothing to fight child poverty in Calderdale.

We have also donated to Colonel Tom Moore’s Appeal and sponsored numerous individual fundraising activities and raising £1,000 by getting someone to shave off a prominent beard. The Plant Sale raised a total of £400.00 for Mothershare.

Our CEO has been providing drinks and snacks to Hospitals and other Medical facilities, and refreshments to the bin and recycling collection teams working extra hard with more stuff to collect.

Hammond Associates work with registered charities and landlords across the UK, to provide charity space for artists, arts community-based charities from empty commercial property in England, Wales and Scotland.

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