Coin-Operated Press: The New Artists in Town!

Earlier this week, our friends at Outer Spaces inducted new artists into a unit based in an Edinburgh shopping centre, procured by Hammond Associates. They have already begun setting up window displays with more exciting pieces ready to be set up next week! So, who are the new tenants, I hear you ask? Well, let us introduce them to you…

Coin-Operated Press CIC is a queer-led social enterprise founded in 2020 by Chloe Henderson & Katie McCann. They made their first zine, ‘Quaranzine’, in June of the same year, and published seven zines in their first year of operations. Later on, they then launched their zine shop and created a line of zine-themed merch to accompany the zines.

The two host workshops, run zine fairs, create online educational content, and produce, publish, and distribute collaborative zines.

As part of their website bio, they say: 

“We value intersectional feminist culture and we’re especially interested in working with the LGBTQ + community, and those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. We welcome people of all genders, sexualities, ages, races, abilities, and backgrounds to get involved in Coin-Operated Press. We strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly in our zine-making practice and at the events we run – upcycling is our jam!!”

I’m sure many of you reading this are now wondering, “What IS a zine?” Never fear! We’re about to tell you!

According to their website, a zine is:

“a booklet-style artwork that you make yourself, and give away, swap, or sell for the cost of printing. Zines enable adaptable learning and provide a creative outlet that can be accessed by anyone regardless of experience or skill level.”

We’re very much looking forward to seeing how Coin Operated Press develop their new-found space – and you should be too!

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