Ex Co-op Becomes Eco Superstore!

Take a look at this photo. It doesn’t inspire much, does it? Dark and dingy are probably the words that first spring to mind. This is the site of an ex Co-op store in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire…

…and look at it now!

In a truly outstanding transformation, this unit has now become the home of REMO – an Eco Superstore offering a huge range of both new and pre-loved items for sale including: appliances, sofas, beds, wardrobes, cushions, uniforms, safety wear, paints, brushes, wool, fabrics, and many more!

Ever resourceful, the team at CCORRN (Cambridgeshire Community Reuse & Recycling Network) used the old fridges left behind and turned them into display units and shelves for their products.

Founded in 2003, CCORRN are an impartial, independent organisation dedicated to supporting community reuse and recycling.

Their work involves providing eco goods and services to the local community, keeping people and planet at the heart of all they do.

They believe in the equality of access to goods and services that are ecologically and financially sustainable, and that waste is a resource which, with a little imagination, can be repurposed.

Since January 2011, CCORRN have diverted over 700,000 litres of paint from landfill to be recycled and reused. They have been Paint Recycling Pioneers since 2013, and in 2015 (with support from Dulux and The Community RePaint Network), they proudly became the UK’s first paint remanufacturing centre for social reuse.

In addition to their fantastic work recycling paint and household items, CCORRN  have developed the ‘Food4Good’ scheme, where surplus food is donated from supermarkets, producers, and distributors to then be offered for free to those in the community who need it most. 

Since the programme began in November 2016, over 85,000 free meals have been distributed to help as many people as possible.

If you want to learn more about CCORRN and the REMO Eco Superstore then why not check out their online pages below and give yourself some food for thought!

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