Freedom Road Creative Arts: Changing Lives in Hull

The Freedom Road Creative Arts (or FRCA for short) motto is: ‘Creating Opportunities, Challenging Attitudes, Changing Lives’ – and that’s exactly what they do.

The temporary space in Hull, provided by Hammond Associates, has enabled FRCA to create a stable, safe environment that young people can feel a part of and where they can get the support & advice they need surrounding all manor of issues in their lives.

Working hard to develop a range of projects, there is a free recording studio which offers young bands and artists the opportunity to express their musical creativity without limits, while their Podcast Corner’ project and West Hull Radio show ‘FRCA Takeover’ are both facilitated through the studio as well.

The charity’s most recent project, their Easter Project, has focused on creating a social environment; a place in which young people can meet on a regular basis and get involved in the activities provided which include: songwriting, drama, dance, board games, video games, and much more.

Seeing the direct impact of FRCA’s work on a daily basis, the charity’s Project Coordinator has this to say:

“The difference it makes to young people’s lives is measured by the way in which they engage with new peers. It is visibly evident that throughout the project we have seen friendships being made and for those who are referred through services such as the Children and Adolescent Mental Health teams, this is a vital process.”

For more information on the work that Freedom Road Creative Arts do or how you can get involved, please click here.

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