Good News Story: Gloucester Green

We love seeing how the charities and artists that take up temporary residency in our meanwhile spaces transform their often dated and dull interiors. One fine example of an incredible transformation can be found in Gloucester Green, Oxford, where charity Fusion Arts took on the task of revamping the disused space.

Established in 1977, Fusion Arts aims to connect artists with communities, promoting dynamic creative projects that drive social justice and celebrate diversity. They have been involved in various projects in the Oxford area including Oxford’s Light Festival, where they have worked with a number of artists, schools, and community groups to deliver innovative lantern-building workshops.

95 Gloucester Green was acquired by Fusion Arts as a meanwhile space to work from. Unoccupied for some time and with a brown water leak, the property’s condition left a lot to be desired. However, the group have since had electricity installed and the Landlord has had the leaks repaired.

They worked hard to put in new walls and have given the whole space a much needed new coat of paint. With the addition of warm lighting as well as art podiums, furniture, and pictures hung on the walls, Fusion Arts have transformed the dank space into a beautiful art gallery with a homely feel.

Since completing renovations on the property, Fusions Arts have recently held an Exhibition of Photography and Ceramics by Bharat & Kashmira Patel there, showcasing their stunning art. We can’t wait to see what artistry 95 Gloucester Green will house next!

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