Homeless & Addiction Charity Transforms Poundland Store And The High Street

With the everchanging world around us creating uncertain times, we’re seeing an increasing amount of disused spaces cropping up on the high street that could be put to much better use with our help.

Since July 2020, homeless and addiction charity Ahava Community have been operating their shop out of Grays Shopping Centre (Thurrock, Essex), in what used to be an old Poundland store. This is one of the countless unused commercial sites sourced by our fantastic team at H&A to be used as a meanwhile space by charities, which benefits landlords by reducing their commercial property fees as well as providing good causes with a stable base from which they can thrive.

The public’s uncapped generosity has helped to kit out this charity shop with high quality second-hand furniture, electrical appliances, clothes, and more; the profits of which go to giving homeless people and those suffering from addiction the shelter and support they need.

In their efforts, not only are Ahava Community helping those in need, but they are also helping to rejuvenate the high street by transforming the former Poundland store and giving it a much needed new lease of life.

A win all round that leaves a positive footprint wherever it goes? What’s not to love?!

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