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Hypha Studios – A Peek at What’s Been Happening…

Hypha Studios is just one of the many organisations we work with at Hammond Associates to help restore the high-street by putting commercial landlords in touch with artists and arts-based charities in need of meanwhile space.

Recently, Hypha Studios sent us an activity report highlighting all the amazing things that had been happening inside their many arts hubs. With excerpts of feedback from both the public and the artists, we’re thrilled to share with you some of the highlights, so why not take a look!

The Oracle, Reading

Seeds (curated by Vicky Amiralis)

“This opportunity was a fantastic experience for myself and other workshop hosts. For me, to be able to put on an exhibition and event series in a public facing space was really beneficial in testing out ways to engage with local communities and offer new experiences to all. Workshop hosts were able to build their experience in leading activities. Every participant that took part gave positive feedback. They each got something out of their experience at Seeds which is an achievement. Thanks to this opportunity people tried clay for the first time, learnt how to make a cyanotype print, shared and discussed their own art practices, discovered new poetry and artists and more.”

Hypha Studios
Evesdrop (curated by Susanne Clausen)

“Creating exhibitions in Reading town centre would enable students to develop their professional skills and to create new artwork in a new context. It would also help them to engage directly with the local community, as there is no gallery space available in central Reading. University students are potentially a big audience in Reading, but not many spaces to be experiment with new ideas , and this opportunity would help them raise the profile of the student community and the Art School.”

Entropy (curated by Open Collective)

“We came from London to Reading for this event, and it was beyond worth it. The range of attendees, their stories, lived experiences and creativity of the participants enhanced the overall energy and time we spent together. The Open Collective team were so warm, welcoming and encouraging, and the environment at Hypha Studios was wonderful. We left feeling like we forged new friendships through this easy-going, easily financially and geographically accessible community space. Thank you so much!”

Hypha Studios
Entropy 02: The Meeting Point (curated by Open Collective)

“We enjoyed having a physical space to explore and experiment. Having autonomy with out artwork and being able to engage with the community. Our audience said the space radiated a sense of acceptance, that was welcoming as an arts space. People told us that it didn’t feel overly formal. We were really pleased with Hypha’s communication and how they aided our experience as a whole.”

Entropy 02

Stratford Gallery

Taste The Difference (curated by Loess Collective)


“The performances were all fantastic!”


“The space was spacious which gave us plenty of room to experiment with the curation and gave the artists the opportunity to display large work they couldn’t show before. It was in a great location which meant we had large footfall.”

Who Holds The Sword (curated by Flora Bradwell, Lindsey McLean, and Isobel Atacus)

Public: “We are so happy to have our sword souvenir to hang on our at wall.”

“That was brilliant fun, the kids had a ball!”

Artists: “The sword making worshop had a big attendence and the attendees where inspired to continue crafts at home and some said they will being recreating the workshop for a birthday party.”

States of Exchange (curated by Jacqeline Rana DFA Group)

Public: “Such a variety of work -lots of different places to explore.”

“Great exhibition, I love the use of the space.”

Artists: “Building a site specific installation in this space (cold room) lets me explore and present my work in a way I couldn’t do in a standard gallery. There’s something really special about using unexpected venues in this way.”

Short Lived (curated by Georgia Stephenson)

“I really enjoyed the tour element and the Q&A portion afterwards as it gave space and time for people to
sit down and come up with questions and comments for the artists. It fueled discussion afterwards and between, during drink breaks. It was useful to hear about how artists started their journeys and hear about their experiences in London, when it seems like an inaccessible world in a city that’s so expensive to operate in, where artists are put on a pedestal and seem unreachable. The event helped to show that those barriers are actually just created myths. An interesting insight into an industry.”

Hypha Studios

Battersea Studios

Kinga Oktabska 

“The studio supports me in developing my practice and expanding the scale of my work. Over a year now since moving into the space, I feel settled in my weekly routine in the studio and have established meaningful relationships in the local community, thanks to the
studio not only acting as my working space but also a place to meet with people who have been informing my work. I have also had an opportunity to develop collaborations where we are actively looking for funding opportunities for projects focused around the Thames and the landscapes of Battersea, which could form a part of the public events held at the studio.”

Luca Bosani

“I am steadily progressing and improving my artistic offer in my Hypha Studios in Battersea. The UPO SHOP core structure is now ready and in use, it functions as a flexible display for existing and new Unidentified Performing Objects.”

“Public events have been held as well as various studio visits. A good number of Mini UPOs sales (7 artworks sold) happened too in the last 3 months. Bringing together queer, neurodivergent individuals and art curious to my studio, activating it on numerous occasions.”

Hot Desque – Lizzy Drury and Neena Percy

“We are currently in the middle of our film and museum project, and have upcoming workshops, reading groups and exhibition opportunities. We are regularly using the space to produce artwork, organise exhibitions and host workshops and reading groups, as well as inviting new collaborators to the space for sutfio visits and discussions.”

“We produced and installed two public exhibitions that address climate change, archeology and matriarchy. The first, an ongoing 2-month exhibition intervention at archaeology museum Corinium Museum. The second, a 3-day video installation and screening at the Swiss Church in London.”

We hope you enjoyed!

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