Joyce Davies - 'Da Broken Parts'

Joyce Davies – ‘Da Broken Parts’

Scottish printmaking studio Peacock & The Worm (based in a space procured by Hammond Associates) have been delighted to present ‘Da Broken Parts’, an exhibition of prints by Shetland-based artist Joyce Davies. The exhibition has brought together 40 individually painted monoprints realised of Joyce’s during a 5-day residency at the print studio in October 2023.

About Joyce:

A self-taught artist, Joyce began working on her creative practice as a visual artist and writer in 2019 with Shetland Arts, which quickly became a very meaningful part of her life. Joyce previously had a long career in a senior role as a Consultant Clinical Child Psychologist in various parts of the UK. To her, art is a form of play and self-expression, and art-making is a joyful process that compels her to keep working. She feels that a lot of adults forget how to play when entering into adulthood, with its higher demands. But in art, she says, “you find freedom again to just be,’ and ‘finding your own preferred creative outlet could have a huge beneficial effect on all aspects of your physical and emotional health and often also improve the network of people you bring into your life”.

The works in the exhibition are focused on the physical body, considering issues of health and well-being. The process of making was for Joyce a way to untangle complex memories and difficult emotions. She was hugely surprised by the images that were produced. “I was aware of feeling more and more brave as the week went on,” she remarks, “these works are the most raw and authentic work that I have made to date”.

Joyce hopes everyone that has viewed the exhibition has left feeling something has changed in them and have found it a meaningful experience. She also hopes the images and stories within the works may help chip away some of the stigma attached to mental health issues, even just a little.

A Sneak Peak:

Below are some photographs from the exhibition, and if you wish to view the full Q&A with Joyce at The Print Room, you can do so here! While you’re at it, why not follow Joyce on her Instagram page!

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