Miss Annabel Sings: An Example Of How Artists Use Spaces

We at Hammond Associates love seeing how artists use the meanwhile spaces that we help source. This week we’ve been thrilled to hear how one meanwhile space in the Westside Plaza at Wester Hailes is being used by artist Miss Annabel Sings. The space is a former pawnbroker that when MAS moved in, still had some jewellery boxes left in the building along with some velvet curtains which she saw as the perfect opportunity to develop into outfit accessories and a stage for her puppet displays.

In her own words, MAS works within communities, developing safe performative platforms for performers and audiences. The goal? To empower marginalised people and communities with the tools to access the world around them via meaningful activity.

Specialising in drama, puppetry, clown, political performance, play, reminiscence via film/song, and interactive storytelling; MAS produces events and leads workshops for children and adults with additional needs, mental health issues, and dementia. Since acquiring the meanwhile space, she has been able to freely hold these events and workshops, and loves being able to upcycle and incorporate left behind items from around the old pawnshop into them.

Below is a time-lapse showcasing how she makes her adorable accessories!

In addition to this, Miss Annabel Sings is an accomplished cabaret artist with a unique and engaging performance style that wows the crowds every time. Why not take a trip over to her website and see for yourself?

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