Roberta Fulford – The New Artist in Waverley Market

Roberta Fulford is the new artist occupying a space in Waverley Market, Edinburgh, with the help of our partners at Outer Spaces.

Since taking on the space, Roberta has transformed the former retail unit into her own personal exhibition house.

Beautifully presented to best showcase her magnificent work for passers-by to admire, she is also using the unit to create new sculptural art installations.

Roberta specialises in paintings and sculptures, drawing on the wild skies, seas, and wilderness of the Shetland Islands as inspiration – the place she calls home.

She uses a broad variety of materials and methods to create her art, from large scale paintings to sculptures in various media forms such as traditional cast bronze, locally foraged seaweed, mirror-polished stainless steel, and even a decommissioned oil rig.

In her bio, Roberta says:

“By depicting and celebrating nature I aim to express the universal and enduring relevance of nature and our evolving relationship with the environment.”

She explains how some works are her vision of the beauty she sees around her, while others seek to open dialogue about issues she sees presenting themselves in grim reality such as those of habitat loss, decreasing biodiversity, ghost nets, and our relationship with the sea throughout our history.

Roberta’s background stems from an honour’s degree in Three-Dimensional Design and experience as a designer specialising in creating architectural interiors for hotel and restaurant clients throughout the UK. Exhibiting in various locations throughout Scotland, collaborating in New York, and even having a large-scale sculpture installed in Newcastle Cathedral, Roberta chose to focus her creativity entirely on painting and sculpture 3 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

If you want to see more of Roberta’s work, why not check out her Instagram page or pop into Waverley Market for an even closer look!

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