The Fine Art of Printmaking at: The Print Room

Back in November of last year we wrote an article about arts-based charity Peacock & The Worm and how they transformed an empty former charity shop into an open access studio; showcasing work by contemporary artists, fine art prints from their archives, and objects related to Aberdeen’s rich print history.

Today, we’re revisiting them as their newest exhibition – The Fine Art of Printmaking at: The Print Room gets underway.

The Print Room is Peacock & The Worm’s most recent hub, situated in Aberdeen, and has been home to the charity since June 2022.

After successfully holding the exhibition at Drum Castle over the past year, works from Peacock at Drum: The Fine Art of Printmaking return to the Print Room where passers by can admire the array of over 40 artworks on display.

The exhibition features both local and international artists working at Peacock throughout its 48-year history, and brings together countless pieces of dazzling diversity and originality, showcasing the very best examples of fine printmaking that the world has to offer.

The Fine Art of Printmaking at: The Print Room is open to all who wish to view the works on show until 18th March 2023, so get yourself down to The Print Room before it’s too late!

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