New Charities Required


Are you part of, or know anyone who is part of a charity? Perhaps you’re an arts-based charity in need of studio space, or maybe you’re a charity focusing on helping those with mental illness and are looking to move into a bigger base to help facilitate your work. Whatever good cause your charity helps, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM NEW CHARITIES!

At Hammond Associates, we’re eagerly on the look out for charities interested in taking up temporary residence (with 30 days’ notice required both ways) in our many available commercial properties. Whatever the size of your charity, we have something just right for you. From small spaces under 100sqm to large spaces over 1,000sqm, and everything in between. We have what you’re looking for!

All spaces come with lighting, power, and water, and are physically secure, safe places. There are no rental fees whatsoever with the only costs being for utilities, and some assistance will be given towards these costs. You can free your mind of worry and focus purely on your work.

So, if this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via any one of our social media platforms, via email, or by telephone!

Email: /

Telephone: 0797 491 3377

Facebook: @CharityPropertyProvider

Twitter: @HammondAssocUK

LinkedIn: @HammondAssociatesLtd

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